CLOSED: Mugraby Hostel in Tel-Aviv

Mugraby Hostel in Tel-Aviv was in the most central location in the city. Mugraby Hostel had been operating successfully in the city center since it opened in 1996 and closed in 2016.

Thousands of happy guests enjoyed their accommodation.

The hostel stated: "When your travels take you to Tel-Aviv, Mugraby Hostel will always offer you a great place to stay where you can feel at home and meet new people as you embark on your travel adventures."

They offered a variety of rooms, from twins, double and single rooms. All rooms were shared public showers and toilets which are located on the same floor and were cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis. All rooms had fans and some were air-conditioned/heated. The hostel provided all our guests with clean sheets, towels and blankets for the length of their stay.

The staff was made up from young English speaking Israelis, who were always happy to help you with travel information.

Travel Advice

The hostel offered excellent travel advice to visitors on their website:

  • Busses and Trains (public transportation) is working until Mid-night.
  • There is no Sherut (service taxi vans) to Tel-Aviv.
  • Public Transportation schedule is working until the noon time on Friday because of the Shabat Holiday.
  • No buses or trains or any public transportation on National Holidays or on Saturday “Shabat Time starts from Friday afternoon“, note that might be a few trains or buses available after the end of Shabat at Saturday evening (check the trains schedule)
  • Taxi serive is available 24 hours to Telaviv.

How to get to the Central Bus Station from Mugraby Hostel:

  • Take Bus 16 or (Sherut Service –Shared Taxi Line Number 16), or  Bus Line 4, 204, 104, to The Central Bus Station, (cost you about 6.6 Shekels) and about 15 to 20 minutes.

How to get to the Train Station from Mugraby Hostel:

  • Hagannah Train Station (South Telaviv) Take Bus or (Sherut service – Shared Taxi) Line Number 16 to The Hagannah Train Station, (cost you about 6 Shekels) and about 15 minutes.
  • Savidor Mirkaz (Alrozorov) Train Station (North Telaviv) Take Bus Line Number 10, (cost you about 6.6 Shekels) and about 25 minutes.

How to get to the Airport from Mugraby Hostel:

  • Get to the Hagannah Train Station (see instructions above), first train starts at 5:55 in the morning, and last train is 00:09 mid-night, There is trains every half hour at (HOUR:33 and at HOUR:55 except the weekends and national holidays), the train cost you 15 Shekels, and it’s about 12 minutes to the Airport.
  • Taxi, which is available 24 hours, price range between 140 – 160 shekels.

How to get to Jerusalem from Mugraby Hostel:

Get to the Central Bus Station (in Hebrew: Tahana Merkazit)

  • Bus number 405- to Jerusalem Central Bus Station – Runs between 6AM  to11:50PM, there buses every 20 – 25 minutes, cost about 25 shekels and about 45 minutes to 1 hour driving to Jerusalem.
  • Sherut service – Shared Taxi (Outside Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station), to Jerusalem city center (Zion Square) and cost about 28 shekels to 33 shekels (on weekends and national holidays)
  • Train – The bus takes less than1 hour while the train, although more scenic, takes over 2 hours and stops far from the center of town. so it’s recommend taking the bus.

The Mugraby Hostel will be missed. Tel-Aviv does lack enough good quality hostels.